Winter wedding at Harrington in Princeton

One of the best things about shooting at Harrington Farm is that no matter what season you are bound to get great photography. There was no better couple to photograph for me in that season other than Javier and Paige. Not many brides would be willing to be out in the winter in a sleeveless dress with temperatures approaching subzero. This job is a whole lot easier when you really enjoy the people you’re photographing. Having known that they are really into photography, I wanted to be as creative as fun with the imagery as I could. It was nice to be able to start at their home in Randolph. It allowed us to photograph some friends and family who would not be able to come to the wedding due to Covid restrictions. Despite the fact we were limited to 10 guests, you wouldn’t have known it was any different than most weddings. Those family members who were there to share in there they truly wanted to be part of it. You could see this by the love and emotion they brought. You can tell as an outsider how much they truly joy being around each other. I’m so happy I was able to be part of the day.