State Room Wedding Boston, MA

It’s the one thing every couple fears on their wedding day: rain. And who wouldn’t? After all the meticulous planning and hopeful dreaming, nothing could threaten to spoil a wedding faster than rain. I am sure that is why the old adage that rain on your wedding day is good luck for a marriage came to be. Someone, somewhere, at some time had a very upset bride that needed consoling. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. So one would assume that when the weather took a turn for the worse on the day of Dan and Ariel’s elegant State Room wedding this bride and groom would be very upset. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dan and Ariel were so excited to be getting married that they were practically immune to the fact that it was raining, a lot. We started the day by photographing both bride and groom in the very stylish Millennium Hotel in the heart of Boston’s historic Quincy Market. It was a frantic search to find a dry, yet appealing location for Dan and Ariel to have their first look. As luck would have it, the clouds parted for the only time that day as though right on cue. We had just enough time to get them out onto one of the many balconies over looking the city that the Millennium has to offer before the rain returned. From there it was a quick, albeit wet, dash to the State Room where Dan and Ariel exchanged their nuptials and celebrated their marriage in the unique style only the State Room has to offer.

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