Spectacular Wedding at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA

Being from New York and working in New England, I am no stranger to hockey. Still, I have to admit I was a little star struck when I had the opportunity to photograph Harry, a professional hockey player, and Julianne’s wedding. While Harry’s profession was definitely an interesting aspect of the day, the VIP (very important part) of this wedding was the relationship between Harry and Julianne. There was no question about it…these two are madly in love. From the moment this tough guy laid eyes on his beautiful bride, he became a real love sick softy, which was great for me as their photographer. Emotions, especially those expressed by the most unlikely of subjects (the guys), are what separates the good wedding photography from the great wedding photography.  There was also a great deal of love felt for this couple from the many friends and family that attended their wedding day. I can always tell just how good a friend the bride and groom are based on how much I laugh during the speeches. For these two, I may have laughed until I cried during the speeches at their Colonnade Hotel reception. It was truly an all star wedding for this amazing couple and they have the wedding photography to prove it.

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