Great Summer Wedding at Beauport Hotel in Gloucester

t’s very rare that a wedding comes together from the getting ready Photography straight through to the last dance. Tyler and erin truly had one of the best days of photography. The weather in Gloucester in August can vary a great deal. Luckily we got flat soft even lighting throughout the entire day. This allowed us to photograph in any direction to be a lot more creative with the imagery. It makes it a lot more interesting and fun when the bride and the groom are getting ready in the same space but try not to see each other before the first look. We were able to get great shots of them separately. My favorite place to photograph in Gloucester is at Bass Rocks overlooking the water. There are not too many brides who will climb up and down The terrain. I’m so glad that Erin made the effort to do so. The ceremony and reception took place at the Beauport Hotel. The entire evening was filled with fun and laughter. It was the perfect combination of fun portraiture And situational photography that I enjoy most. I’m so glad I was able to be part of the day.