Fall Wedding Dell Lea Chinchester

It would have been very easy for Ryan and Lorena to simply cancel their wedding due to Covid, and everyone would have completely understood. But they were not going to let anything get in the way of them sharing there special day with their friends and family. Even though they had to narrow down their guest list, they were left with only their closest friends and family.  It was evident by the emotion and love that those who were there truly wanted to part of the wedding. Having shot Ryan’s sister’s wedding, I knew we were in for a good day. They didn’t disappoint. From the getting ready shots, straight through to the last dance everyone was smiling and laughing the whole day through. It made our jobs very easy.

I have shot well over 1000 weddings in my life but have never been to Dell-Lea’s in Chichester, NH. It really lends itself amazingly to photography. Every direction you turn my camera there is an amazing background to work with. Whether it be the rustic porch and reception hall or the wide-open fields with the big blue skies, you simply can’t go wrong. We even had an amazing sunset to work with. This job is a whole lot easier when you genuinely like the people you’re photographing. I truly believe it shows in the photography.