Zack and Jill’s Hotel Marlowe wedding

Having photographed Jill’s family over the years,  I knew for sure we were going to get some fun photography and a great dance floor. They did not disappoint. What better place to host a wedding then The Hotel Marlowe. It is one the most unique and interesting place for a photographer to shoot. It doesn’t hurt that you can cross the street and get some amazing Boston skyline images. We started doing the getting ready and had some amazing light to do some portraits of them separately. The first look took place on the steps where you can feel the anticipation of them seeing each other for the first time. What’s nice about the venue is everything is so close. Despite it being a bit cold we were able to do all the formal photography of the family and kids close enough so we could get a nice background and still not be out side in the Boston chill of a November day. Zack and Jill were not going to let a little chill or some dirt on her dress get in the way of walking to a better space to get some great photography. The Jewish ceremony has so many unique customs and traditions that you can always get great imagery and emotion. The rest of the evening was filled with fun dance and a great Hora.