Wedding Photography Copley Fairmont

This job is a whole lot easier when you like the people you are photographing. Marc and Jenn were so laid back and easy to work with it truly made me feel more like a guest at the wedding. With everything going on in the world they had to reschedule their wedding from a bigger New Years’ Eve wedding to a smaller more intimate wedding. One of the trade off’s of having a smaller wedding is the people who are there truly want to be part of the day and it is evident by the love and desire to make the day special for them.
Everything came together so smoothly. You roll the dice in November with the weather. It came up big for them. It was great for me that they wanted to do some fun creative photography. Not many couples would want to shoot with the sausage vendor. What better place to host an event then the Copley Fairmont in Boston. It was a great combination of documentary and portrait photography. I was so happy to be part of the day.