Steven and Kristina’s Wedding at Lake Pearl in Wrentham, MA

As the birth place of the nation, Massachusetts loves to celebrate the Fourth of July. It is also a great time to have a wedding. The weather in New England is warm and everyone is in the mood for a celebration. So for Steven and Kristina, the private beach at Lake Pearl in Wrentha, MA was the obvious choice for their outdoor wedding location. It was a gorgeous day with only a minor threat of storms in the forecast. No one gave a second thought about whether or not the ceremony would in fact take place outside. As everyone waited for all of the guests to arrive, the clouds started to build just as Kristina was ready to make her bridal procession. Much to everyone’s surprise, not a drop of rain fell as bride and groom exchanged their vows in what was a beautiful and intimate ceremony. Afterwards, once Kristina’s devoted bridesmaids were able to overcome the challenge of a difficult bustle, we took advantage of the amazing lake front view to get some incredible images of the families, wedding party, and the newlyweds. It was at this time the rain finally made an appearance, threatening to sabatoge our plans for beach photos; however, it left as quickly as it came, and the rest of the day was filled with the perfect weather and incredible skies, which were ideal for capturing the outdoor wedding photography Steven and Kristina had hoped for.


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