Spring Wedding at the Saphire Estate

This job is a whole lot easier when you genuinely like The people you’re working with. Chris and Alison were that couple for me. After having to reschedule their wedding due to Covid and then having it rain almost their entire wedding day, most couples would have understandably been upset by this. It didn’t phase them at all. No pun intended but they saw the big picture. They that knew, having all their closest friends and family in one place to celebrate their wedding was the most important thing to them and they weren’t going to let anything get in the way of them having the best day of their lives. We started at the hotel to do some getting ready shots and it was immediately apparent to me that they did not want to do anything but have fun. We were able to get outside to do a couple of shots with the guys together. Although we were limited in the space we could work, we were lucky that the Saphire Estate has such nice interiors for shooting. The rest of the day was filled with dancing and emotion. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be part of the day.