Scott and Megan’s Beauport Wedding in Gloucester, MA

Living and working in New England, you become accustomed to the snow. With that said, it is impossible to predict when and how much to expect in any given year. For the couple who longs for the winter wonderland wedding of their dreams, it can be quite maddening to plan their big day. Over the last few months, New England has experienced a bit of a snow deficit.  That’s why everyone was surprised to see the season’s first snow storm blow into town on the day of Scott and Megan’s winter wedding at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester, MA. From getting ready all the way through to the last dance, the snow never stopped falling, creating a magical setting for beautiful imagery of this loving couple. I am certain that Scott and Megan and hoped for snow  on their wedding day, and I am certain after seeing their wedding photography they will be grateful for it.