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Fun Summer Wedding State Room Boston

As a Boston Wedding photographer there is no better space to get the most amazing views of the city than the State Room.  It is by far the best backdrop for any ceremony or reception. We started doing the getting ready photography at the Bostonian and Ames Hotel. Alton and Nadia wanted to do a nice combination of documentary, photojournalistic imagery as well as some fun portrait work. The groomsman having grown up in the city they felt very comfortable walking in between traffic to get whatever shots we needed. The ceremony was simply filled with emotion and the most amazing soft light so that we can incorporate shots of the guest as well as the skyline. It seems they had no hesitation about “rolling the dice” to have a summer wedding with all the formal photography done outside at Post Office Square. This went really well with their casino themed wedding. A great time was had by all as evident with a pack dance floor all night.


Harrington Farm end of summer wedding

We couldn’t have asked of a better day for a wedding. You always roll the dice having an outdoor ceremony. It came up big for Chris and Jasmine. This job is so much more fun when you genuinely enjoy working with the people you photograph. Not many couples would be laying on there backs, running down a hills or walking through sticker bushes. It made for some great photography. They wanted some unique traditional portraits and a lot of the fun, creative, interesting, documentary photojournalisim wedding photography we all enjoy. Everyone was having so much fun from the getting ready straight through to the last dance. Harrington Farm in Princeton MA offers some of the most unique and interesting views for a rustic wedding photography.


Matt and Hannah Jewish wedding at the Saphire Estate

Driving into meet Matt and Hannah at the hotel I Started to see raindrops accumulating on the windshield. Looking at the radar, The Saphire Estate was in direct line for a major thunderstorm. Most brides would have been on edge or losing their minds, the exact opposite was true. They both had such a great outlook on the day that nothing was going to prevent them from having a blast at their wedding. The one benefit of being under overcast skies is that you can shoot in flat soft even lighting,  This allows you to be a lot more creative with the photography. Which is exactly the type of photos they wanted.  The Jewish ceremony has so many unique customs and traditions that you can always get great imagery and emotion. Just as the ceremony was about to start the storm shifted north and opened up the skies for an amazing sunset to shoot over Lake Massapoag. All the details were so well thought out to make the space there own. How many weddings do you get to use typewriters and books as props?  It was evident to see that Hannah had studied dance by the way she moved around the floor, having said that, Matt was not going to be upstaged when he and his groomsmen were out there. All in all it was an amazing day, For a great couple.


Paul and Jillian amazing wedding at Birchwood Vineyards

It’s very rare that I get an opportunity to photograph three siblings weddings. Each one was unique in their own special way. The only thing I knew for sure is that we were in for a great day. They never seem to disappoint.  Paul and Jillian we’re just such a nice, appreciative, laid-back couple that it made the photography more genuine. Both the ceremony and reception took place at Birchwood Vineyards.  The space was so meticulously done up that every direction we faced we could get great imagery. The had vineyards on outside and a very rustic decor on the inside. Both families simply knew how to have a good time. The dance floor was packed from the first song to the last. 


Mike and Erin Willowbend Wedding Mashpee

When you book a Friday wedding on the Cape during the summer you assume you’re going to be in for a long day. The opposite couldn’t have been more true. We were having such a great time, the day simply flew by. Having photographed the brides sisters wedding I knew for sure we were going to get some fun photography and a great dance floor. Mike and Erin really enjoyed being with each other. As a photographer it makes the imagery so much more genuine. Willowbend country club has such an amazing backdrop to a cloud cover that made some dramatic photography. The rest the evening flowed so smoothly I felt more like I was a guest then working. The entire dance floor was packed from the beginning of the night to the end.