Ocean Edge Resort Wedding in Brewster, MA

Being a wedding photographer, especially in a diverse area like New England, has allowed me to experience cultures from all over the world. I love how incorporating a couple’s heritage and traditions infuses a unique energy into their wedding and, by extension, their wedding photography. Khaled and Beth were my first experience with Egyptian wedding culture, and the one word that comes to mind to describe it is fun. Khaled and Beth did an excellent job accenting their day with Khaled’s Egyptian roots, making for a a tasteful and intimate day that their guests, who traveled from the far reaches of the globe, could enjoy. The day started and ended at the exquisite Ocean Edge Resort Mansion overlooking the beautiful Cape Cod Bay, where we had vast landscapes, sandy beaches, and a sunset that seemed special ordered for the day as the backdrop for endless opportunities to capture some truly inspired images. After exchanging their heartfelt vows at the ocean front beach ceremony, it was on to their incredibly fun reception where I experienced my first traditional Egyptian Zaffa, which heralded in an evening of fun, dancing, and some truly exceptional Egyptian cuisine.

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