Nick and Eliza Wedding at Cruiseport in Gloucester, MA

While I lament the loss of summer just like everyone else, there is one thing I get excited about this time of year. As summer slowly fades into fall, the lighting in New England during this transitional period is breathtaking for photos. I think Nick and Eliza’s wedding was the first time this year I realized we were experiencing this incredible phenomenon. Luckily, we were in one of the nicest areas of Massachusetts to take full advantage of the situation. The North Shore, and specifically Gloucester, has always been one of my favorite areas to shoot. And now that I have the new and immaculate Beauport to add to the repertoire of venues, it makes it all the better. For Nick and Eliza’s wedding, I got to shoot both at a new favorite, the Beauport Hotel, and an old one: Cruiseport Gloucester. Thanks to this amazing couple’s impeccable planning for the day, we got to take full advantage of both places to capture the photography they hoped to have.

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