Nate and Sandra’s Wedding at the Villa in East Bridgewater, MA

After photographing her brother’s wedding, and her cousin’s wedding, it seemed a natural fit to photograph Sandra’s Villa wedding, too. I have always enjoyed working with this family in the past, so I was thrilled when she called and I could confirm I was available to work with them again. It was another hot day in July when Nate and Sandra’s day finally arrived. But being the seasoned wedding planners this family is by now, Nate and Sandra wisely scheduled their outdoor ceremony closer to sunset when the temperatures had cooled significantly. No one was more relieved, I am sure, than Nate and his five groomsmen, who took a step back from the traditional and went without the customary jacket. While the decision may have been purely out of necessity, the style suited their intimate, outdoor wedding perfectly. And who better to stand up with Nate at his wedding than his eight year old son, who took his best man responsibilities more seriously than most adult men I have worked with. The relationship between father and son was heartwarming. And after meeting everyone on Nate’s side, I realized that this was the type of relationship his family had with each other. What a perfect fit for Sandra and her family, who are some of the most loving relatives I have met. Even her brother, Mario, shed a tear or two during his speech at the reception, which underscored his sincere admiration for his baby sister while subtly delivering humorous yet veiled threats to his new brother-in-law. And thanks to Nate and Sandra’s perfect planning (with the help of the incredible staff at the Villa, I’m sure) we had plenty of time to take advantage of the grounds at sunset to get some amazing shots of the couple to commemorate their special day. Hopefully, after this, my third wedding with the family, I will be a time honored family tradition for many years to come.

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