Mike and Stephanie’s Wedding at the Miraval Ballroom in East Bridgewater, MA

I don’t think I have ever met two friends with more in common than Donny and Mike. These two not only grew up together. They have followed each other through every major event of their lives, and have just about everything in common. They went to the same schools, married best friends (whose names just so happen to both be Stephanie), and recently bought their first homes just a couple of miles down the road from each other, at the same time. So in honor of this legacy, it was only natural that they have the same photographer to document their weddings. Luckily for me, I was that photographer. This group of friends, and their families, are incredible to work with. I don’t think anything can bring them down, especially when they are together. Even when, on the day of Mike and Stephanie’s wedding day, when Mike discovered he had inadvertently switched his suit with his father, hardly an hour before the scheduled first look and his suit over an hour away, everyone was all laughs and smiles. And the joy continued throughout the day and into the night as Mike and Stephanie celebrated their nuptials at Miriaval Ballroom. The result: some beautiful images that Mike and Stephanie can share with their closest friends for many years to come.



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