Mike and Karen’s Wedding at Quidnessett Country Club in Kingston, RI

There are many things you can control when it comes to taking great photos. There is the obvious things, like exposure and composition. There are the artistic and narrative elements, which create a pleasant image and a story that people want to be told. And then there are the things you cannot control. One example of these variables, especially for wedding photographers, is the subject. For me, I photograph a lot of different people who I work with as part of a pair. Each person has their own attitude and comfort about being photographed individually, and then their feelings about being photographed as a pair. Of course, the ideal person/couple are those who embrace the idea of being photographed and spending their valuable time on their wedding day to do so. If I could think of the quintessential example of this perfect scenario, it would be Mike and Karen at their Quidnessett Country Club wedding in Kingston, RI. This amazing couple was all about getting the shot. There was not anything they wouldn’t agree to in order to guarantee that their wedding photography was taken to the next level. At times, even I was taken off guard (but only for a very brief second) by what they were willing to do. Just to illustrate how courageous and enthusiastic this couple is, at one point we were incorporating acrobatics into the formal photography section of the day. The result: some truly unique and inspired images that Mike, Karen, and all their friends and family will be flipping over for many, many years to come (pun intended).












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