Lloyd and Nicole’s Wedding at the Lighthouse Inn in Dennis, MA

One would not be wrong to assume that it is a pretty safe bet to plan your wedding on Cape Cod in August. While it may be hurricane season for the lower half of the Eastern coast, the storms rarely ever make it this far north. That was not the case for the weather forecast on the day of Lloyd and Nicole’s outdoor, beach wedding at the Lighthouse Inn in Dennis, MA. All predictions had the highly unpredictable storm, Hermine, barreling right for the famous New England vacation destination, set to make landfall the same day as Lloyd and Nicole’s big day. But thankfully the storm upheld its unpredictable reputation and was delayed one day, making Lloyd and Nicole’s wedding the “calm before the storm.” And while the day could not have been more beautiful, it was still blustery. But even this turned out to be a great fortune, setting me up to take one of my favorite series shots ever.

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wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn001wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn002wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn007wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn014wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn016wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn020wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn017wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn024wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn023wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn030As a Massachusetts Wedding Photographer, I couldn't have asked for a better day at the lighthouse inn at dennis MA. These images are a combination of photojournalistic and artistic wedding photography. wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn031wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn032wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn036wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn042wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn043wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn044wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn047wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn049wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn051wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn055wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn054wedding-photography-lighthouse-inn062

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