Kieran and Allison’s Wedding at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA

You know a couple was just meant to be when they had to travel half way around the world just to meet. This is how Kieran and Allison’s love story began. They were just two young adventurous spirits who were traveling to a far off land for different reasons, neither of them knowing they would find each other when the reached their destination. It was in the country of Tanzania where Kieran met Allison. Kieran being from Chicago, and Allison from Massachusetts, distance could have ironically threatened their budding relationship. But worlds could not stop these soulmates from ultimately being together and building the life they were meant to have. I consider myself fortunate to have been the wedding photographer to document this most important day in their incredible story. They had chosen Plimoth Plantation as the location for their wedding day, appropriate since Kieran is a bit of a history buff. But it was not history that took place there that day, but rather a glimpse into this amazing couple’s beautiful future together.