Kevin and Erin’s Wedding at Saphire Estate in Sharon, MA

If there is one thing elemental to photography it would be light. You simply cannot make a photograph without it. As with all good things in life,  there are situations where you can have too much light, but it is far more challenging to have too little. So one can imagine how the short days of winter might present some challenges for the wedding  photographer who yearns to create beautiful images for his winter clients just as he does for his spring, summer, and fall clients.  I was faced with this challenge for Kevin and Erin’s December wedding, which took place at the beautiful Saphire Estate in Sharon, Massachusetts. With their ceremony scheduled for after sunset,  I admit I was a little on the edge of my seat that day.  Call it experience, call it meticulous planning, or call it just plain good luck, but just as the sun was preparing to slip below the horizon we were able to capture, with lightning speed, shots of the couple together and with their wedding party.  And while a low light situation can send chills down any photographer’s spine, if you get it just right you can create some outstanding and dynamic imagery.  For Kevin and Erin’s wedding, the short days of winter proved to be less nightmare and more blessing in disguise.



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