Joe and Gina’s Wedding at Cruiseport Gloucester

Every moment of a couple’s wedding day is precious. Woven together, they are the individual fibers that create the tapestry of memories from their special day. That is why I approach wedding photography the way I do. Many of my clients often remark that I captured moments they don’t even remember happening. For Joe and Gina, there were so many of these beautiful moments during their Cruiseport Gloucester wedding that I barely took the viewfinder from my eye. It doesn’t hurt that these two were game for anything, even when I asked Gina to brave the gorgeous, yet treacherous rocky shores of Bass Rocks to capture some more artistic shots for their wedding photography. Not only was she a definite yes to the idea, but she hopped along the jagged terrain like a gazelle in a wedding dress. The result: breathtaking wedding photography that will provide this awesome couple the memories of their special day for many years to come.

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