Great wedding at the Avenir and Larz Anderson

As it was my 17th year photographing on Memorial day weekend I know it’s always hit or miss with the weather. We were fortunate to get a beautiful day, venue, church and couple. We started at Mike and Wanda’s two family home in Roslindale where Mike was getting ready downstairs and Wanda was getting ready upstairs. We could incorporate that dynamic into the imagery as well. One of the great things about living in Boston is being able to photograph in some of the nicest churches in the world. The light, architecture and priest made everyone feel very much at home. From there we headed to Larz Anderson Park. Everywhere you turn there is something interesting and amazing to photograph against. Whether it be at the skyline, the whimsical trees or a classic gazebo and water reflections. What better place to finish the evening then Avenir. The Saphire group has done such an amazing job with the renovation. All the simple details we’re so well thought out. They were having such a great time throughout the night it really made all the photography looks so genuine. I guess it’s hard not to have a good time when there is a fog machine gun involved.