David and Beth’s Saphire Estate Wedding in Sharon, MA

Being a wedding photographer, the weather plays a huge part in how I do my job. One has to only read through a few of my blog posts to know just how significant the weather is, and just how maddening it can be, for a wedding photographer. New England is very well known for its unpredictable climate. As you can imagine, this can make doing my job a bit challenging, especially on a day like David and Beth’s Saphire Estate wedding. It was not a matter of if it was going to rain. It was a matter of when. Throughout the day, it felt as though the forecast was taunting us. One moment the sun would be out in all its glory, like it was just as the couple shared their first look and during the formal photography. The next moment it was hiding behind a growing, thick blanket of cloud coverage. This situation was nothing more than a challenge, and it actually pushed me to explore new perspective of this old favorite venue of mine. No, it was not the sun that tested my patience that day. It was the rain. David and Beth had been dreaming of an intimate garden ceremony like the ones Saphire Estate does so well. However, the forecast was calling for severe storms, and threaten to dampen David and Beth’s outdoor wedding dreams. Thankfully, as the day grew longer, the storms arrival time grew later. By the time the bride was scheduled to walk down the aisle, everyone could breath a sigh of relief as they watched. Not only did the rains hold off long enough for the bride and groom to become man and wife, it even allowed us time to capture additional wedding photography of the happy couple by the gorgeous Massapoag Lake. In a way, the impending storms turned out to be a blessing for David and Beth. Thanks to the proverbial “calm before the storm”, we were able to shoot under some of the most ideal natural lighting situations you could ask for. It was exactly what David and Beth had wanted to capture some creative and beautiful images for their wedding day.