Chris and Isabel Greek Wedding Springfield MA

It’s not very often that I get out to Springfield area to photograph a wedding, as it is a bit of a drive to get out there. Having said that, I would go out there for every shoot if I got to work with a couple like Chris and Isabell. They simply just like to have a good time and surround themselves with friends and family who also enjoy being around them. I would be lying if I told you the weather conditions were ideal, with temperatures ranging close to 100°. Even that did not seem to faze them It allowed us to do some great photography around the pool and Connecticut River. We did the getting ready photography at Isabels home. This always has a nice sense of place that is meaningful to the bride. I had never been to Saint Michaels Cathedral. What a gorgeous church to have a ceremony and do photography in. The Greek customs and tradition make the day so much more interesting. We then headed up to a park that we could use the skyline as a backdrop and also turn around and use the water as a different view. The reception took place at Chez Josef where we were able to get some nice shots on the staircase as well as fountains and benches. The speeches and dances reflected the fun and emotion that everyone was having throughout the night. I’m so glad they chose me to be part of their wedding day.