Andrew and Tori’s Andover Country Club Wedding

I am always looking for inspiration in every environment where I shoot in order to make each wedding unique. There are some weddings, like Andres and Tori’s Andover Country Club wedding, where the inspiration comes effortlessly. Andrew being an alum of Salem State University and a former pitcher for their baseball team, this fun loving and enthusiastic couple had already secured the campus baseball field for their wedding photography. The images we were able to capture are creative and unique, as well as  completely significant to this couple’s love story. Not only was Andrew a dedicated baseball player, but baseball turned out to be the way this couple came to be. Tori’s brother was one of Andrew’s teammate and her dad had asked him to take Tori out when he came to the games. They did, and the rest is history. Therefore, the following images are both Andrew and Tori’s wedding photos as well as an illustration of their unique story. I hope Andrew and Tori enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.