An Elegant Wedding at the Exquisite Fairmont Copley in Boston, MA

The prestigious Fairmont Copley Plaza is an icon of the Boston landscape, as well as its history.  For Jonathan and Hillary, the hotel also holds great, historical significance, though on a smaller and more personal scale. For three generations, the women in Hillary’s family have exchanged their vows within the walls of this opulent hotel. Jonathan’s family shares a long legacy of Fairmont weddings, as well. In total, there have been a combined twelve Fairmont Copley weddings between the two families. Hillary and Jonathan kept the family tradition alive with a wedding styled so elegantly that it looked like it jumped off the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Hillary, being the obvious fashionista, added her own personal touch, incorporating the perfect amount of modern flare without compromising the refined elegance of the Fairmont. Jonathan is equal to his wife in his enthusiasm for style, and so each detail of this wedding was a testament to the couple’s excellent taste. As a photographer, when working with a couple like this in a place such as the Fairmont, it is almost impossible to take a bad photograph. And when Jonathan and Hillary revealed their willingness to explore the avenues of Copley Square to include the cityscape in their wedding photography, I was over the moon. I hope they enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed being a part of their wedding day.

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