Allen and Lindsay Snow and Foliage Harrington Farm Wedding.

It would have been very easy for Allen and Lindsay to simply cancel their wedding due to Covid, and everyone would have completely understood. But they were not going to let anything get in the way of them sharing their special day with their friends and family. Even though they had to narrow down their guest list, they were left with only their closest friends and family.  It was evident by the emotion and love that those who were there truly wanted to part of the wedding.

To say it mildly, it has certainly been an odd year. Why would the weather be any different? It is not often we snow and foliage in the same day. Like everything else, they just rolled with it. As far as photography, it made for such a great backdrop. There are not to many brides who are going venture out into the snow with open toe shoes and a wedding dress. If Lindsay was going to make that effort, I knew I had to do the same. What better place to host such a wedding than Harrington Farm. Everything came together from the getting ready, straight through to the last dance. I was so happy I was part of the day.