A unique fun wedding to photography at The Elks at Bass Rocks


There are certain elements to wedding photography, or just photography in general, that can’t ever be controlled. If you’re in the habit of reading my blog, you know I am accustomed to writing about the weather. This is usually in the form of a complaint. Well, not this time…not for Jeremy and Jenn’s wedding. I can’t remember a day in the recent past that was more perfect than their wedding day. Now the mark of a good photojournalistic wedding photographer is their ability to produce creative and unique photography regardless of limiting factors. But this wedding photographer will gladly take perfect conditions over poor ones any day, which allows me to be more creative and fun with the photography. And it didn’t hurt that the  staff at the Elks at Bass Rocks in Gloucester went out of their way to allow us time to capture some truly amazing images.

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bass rocks elks

wedding photography bass rocks elks

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