A Joyful Venezia Wedding in Boston, MA

Being a photographer, you really get use to experiencing the world through a different lens than others (pun shamelessly intended). You are the perpetual observer. The archivist for those who are more entrenched in the moment and less worried about preserving it. Than there are those, like Joel and Mari, who live in, and for, the moment. These are the proverbial life-of-the-party types, effervescent, and intoxicating to be around. Not to mention, irresistible to photograph. I consider myself fortunate to have been hired as these high school sweethearts’ wedding photographer. The emotions were sincere and plentiful. And while the entire wedding ceremony was performed in Spanish, which I regretfully do not speak, nothing was lost in translation thanks to the genuine feelings exchanged between the two. There was so much love shared  for the bride and groom amongst their large community of friends and family, that there was hardly a moment’s rest trying to capture it all.  And what better place to photograph an amazing celebration for an incredible couple than at the immaculate Venezia located in South Boston? It was the type of wedding full of so much fun and joy that it practically shot itself.

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