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Great John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Wedding Boston

The JFK Museum in South Boston is one of the premier venues to host a wedding. There is some of the best views of the Boston skyline, great lighting and amazing architecture to work with. Although the winds picked up off the water we were all happy that the rains from hurricane Dorian didn’t wash out the day. Everything seem to pass just in time to allow for us to get some amazing sunset shots. We started doing some getting ready shots early in the day to allow us enough time to get back and enjoy the cocktail hour. Emily and the bridesmaids were not going to let a little wind get in the way of doing some photography outside. Having done their engagement shoot I knew they wanted to wanted to do some fun shots along with intimate moments. The ceremony took place in a gorgeous room looking over the city. A Jewish wedding has so many fun and interesting customs, from the signing of the ketuba, breaking of the glass and a hora. The rest of the evening was filled with sentimental and funny toast, great food and a packed dance floor. It seems you always get a great vibe with a band. Everyone was having such a great time it made our jobs very easy.


Summer Greek Wedding The Villa in East Bridgewater

It seems some weddings all the work is done for you and you can concentrate on doing fun creative imagery. Kerriy and Lucianna‘s wedding was just that. All the details were so well thought out from the getting ready to the last dance. It’s often nice to start photographing at the brides house as it has such a personal feel to it. We then headed to Taxiarchae/Archangels Greek Orthodox Church in Watertown. The Greek ceremony has so many interesting and unique customs and traditions that it’s hard to make a bad photograph. After the ceremony we were allowed to do some photography in the church. The space is like no other I have photographed in all my years. We ended the evening at The Villa and East Bridgewater. I have photographed there a number of times, but each time I seem to come up with something different, as it has some many different locations and lighting situations to shoot in. It didn’t heart that we had an amazing sunset and a great couple to put in front of it.


Summer wedding Zukas Hilltop Barn

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to have an outdoor wedding at Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer MA. It’s very rare that the getting ready, ceremony, formals and reception all come together without a hitch. That was however the case for Ryan and Sammie‘s wedding. We even got an amazing sunset.

 They wanted to do a lot of fun and creative photography which is what I enjoy most about my work. As many people know who have children, you work on their schedule. It seems all the kids were having just as much fun as everyone else and were happy to be in the photographs whenever we need them to. 

Because we did a lot of the photography of the groomsmen and bridesmaids prior to the ceremony we could concentrate on doing family and pictures of Ryan and Sammie during the cocktail hour. With the extra time and such a unique space we really got a lot of great imagery to work with. The rest of the evening was filled with laughter, fun and dancing. i’m so happy they chose me as there photographer.


Summer wedding Wentworth by the Sea

You’re always in for a good day when shooting a Greek wedding. Whether it be the amazing architecture and design of the orthodox church or the very unique customs such as tossing money at the bride and groom during the dance, there is always something to photograph. Having worked with both sides of the family over the last couple years at weddings, family shoots and engagement photography I got a really good sense as to how much fun they really are. We started at the Wentworth hotel in New Castle New Hampshire did you some getting ready shots and beautiful portraits of Hannah. At the same time Theo was being photographed being shaved by his best man, another great Greek custom. I ceremony was filled with emotion. We then headed up to do some photography around the New Hampshire coast to include lighthouses and the rocks. The lighting was simply amazing, it gave us the opportunity to do some creative shots. The rest of the evening was filled with dance, fun and a packed dance floor. I’m so happy I was able to be Capture these moments for Theo and Hannah.


Harrington Farm Summer Wedding


This job is a lot easier when you genuinely enjoy working with the people you’re photographing. Brandon and Jamie are that couple. They wanted to do a lot of fun and creative photography. Which is what I enjoy most about the work I do. We did some getting ready photography in the hotel which had some amazing light to work with. Harrington farm is one of the few venues that no matter what time of year you are there, it’s hard not to get some amazing backgrounds to work with. It seems that anyway you turn the camera you are likely to get a good shot. It was very easy to see you throughout the day how much they truly enjoy being around each other and how much fun they have. We tried to incorporate this into the photography as much as we could. The ceremony included some of the traditional Jewish customs, which always makes for and interesting memories. We were able to time that day to include I sunset and the school bus driver was kind enough to let use the bus for some cool shots as well. The rest of the evening was filled with a lot of dancing and an amazing time had by everyone who was there.