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Garrett and Allie wedding at Cruiseport

With all the rain that we’ve been having it was an absolute pleasure to be outside photographing Garrett and Allies wedding., and when you’re outside on such a gorgeous day there’s no better place to be than in Gloucester Massachusetts around the water. We started at the Beauport Hotel to do some getting ready photographs and the first look. To be honest, I was a little reluctant at first to do the pictures at Stage Fort Park as I was concerned there might be a lot of people there on such a nice day, But even that worked out perfectly for us. We were able to get so much fun Photography of the bridal party and family is in a short period of time. The ceremony and reception took place at Cruiseport. All the details were so well thought out that it allowed us to concentrate on creating some fun and unique images. The longer I do this, the more I realize it’s all about the people. This job is so much more fun when you genuinely like the people you’re working with. Everyone at Garrett and Allie’s wedding we’re just out there to have a good time. I truly believe the photography reflects this.


Mike and Lauren fun summer wedding Zukas

For me as a photographer the three key ingredients into a great wedding. The people, the space and the lighting. We couldn’t of had a better combination of these things at Mike and Lauren wedding. They were simply a fun group who were out there to have a good time. It would be easy to say that Zukas hilltop barn speaks for itself but the place has so much character that anyway you point the camera you have something interesting to photograph. Even though we were shooting in the afternoon, there was a very intimate haze and some gorgeous dusk light to work with. It was a really nice combination of intimate fun photography that encompass the people, the space and the light.


Great Summer Wedding Harrington Farm

When you work with a couple who is as appreciative and nice as Karl and Liz, it allows you to be a lot more creative with the photography. They wanted to do a lot of these nice candid loving moments as well as some shots of them with more dramatic lighting. A place like Harrington Farm lends itself nicely to this style. The weather complied with some nice lights and a gorgeous sunset and the evening. Everything came together from the getting ready Straight through to the end of the evening. Everyone was genuinely having such a good time they made us feel like we were more of a guest then a vendor.


Summer Wedding Wedgewood Pines Stow, MA

The more I do this job the more I realize it’s all about the people. Having all your friends and family gathered in the same place, all looking good together, it would be hard not to get great emotional photography. Andrew and Nicole’s wedding was exactly that. Everyone was so happy and welcoming, it made our jobs very easy.

It has been a couple of years since I’ve shot at Wedgewood Pines. It made me realize how much I missed photographing there. What’s so nice about it from a photographers standpoint is that everything is so close. You can turn in one direction and get a sunset and water, turn the opposite way and you have an interesting stone wall, keep turning and you can’t shoot on a hill with gorgeous white puffy clouds. It was fun to incorporate Andrews love for golf in some photography, even if he was putting with a lefty club as a righty. Everything came together so smoothly from the getting ready straight through to the last dance. A great time was had by all.


Jon and Joy wedding at Peirce Farm in Topsfield MA


If you find yourself driving along a stretch of route 1 in Topsfield MA, not far from the fairgrounds, you might catch a glimpse of a beautifully maintained Dutch farmhouse and barn. This diamond among the rough wooded landscape is Peirce Farm. This historic estate turned wedding venue is one of my new favorite locations to shoot. What makes it so unique is, in addition to breathtaking scenery, is the estate’s painstakingly preserved history. Throughout the farmhouse, the curious photographer will find heirlooms of the past that make for interesting props. The natural light spilling from massive windows into every room creates an ethereal glow, perfect for portraits of the bride and the groom. It’s for all of these reasons and more, I was so excited to be documenting Jon and Joy’s entire wedding day on the grounds of Peirce Farm. From getting ready all the way to their last dance in the perfectly restored barn, everything took place at Peirce Farm. Because it offers everything one could need and want, the day went so smoothly that Jon and Joy could focus on the happy events as the unfolded. Everyone was happy and celebratory mood.  Even Gloria the farm chicken could not stay away and took a moment to create some fun and interesting wedding photography.