A Fourth of July Wedding to Remember at the Marigate in Laconia, NH

In spite of Hurricane Arthur’s intent to dampen the 4th of July throughout New England, there was nothing that could stop the fireworks at Bobby and Jordan’s Margate Resort wedding. That is, figuratively speaking, of course. And even though the fireworks scheduled for that evening on Lake Winnipesaukee did not happen, no one seemed to miss them at the celebration  happening under the protection of Bobby and Jordan’s reception tent. It’s a rare occasion to meet a couple who no matter rain or shine will swear THEIR wedding day was the best day ever. And if old wives tales have any truth to them, Jordan had to be the luckiest bride of all. Not only did it rain all day on her wedding, which I hear is a sign of good things to come, she was also paid a visit by the only white lady bug I have ever seen. But she didn’t need any superstitions to know she was already the luckiest girl, and Bobby to know he was the luckiest guy.

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