Tye and Sam’s Colonnade Hotel Wedding in Boston, MA

Nothing gets my creative juices flowing better than stepping outside the box and experiencing things in a way other than what I am use to. While each and every wedding is unique, there is a certain element of predictability that most conform to. This can be challenging for a wedding photographer. When things become predictable it is hard to be creative. Thankfully, Tye and Sam’s Colonnade Hotel wedding came along at just the right time. With the height of wedding season over, and most of the fall foliage gone, I was battling to find ways to stay fresh and creative with my photography. Tye and Same were the perfect couple to shake things up a bit. For starters, their wedding was not held on one of the traditional weekend days weddings are generally expected to occur. Instead, this nonconforming couple decided that Tuesday was the day for their wedding. Also, they had opted out of having a traditional bridal party, which kept the focus of the day (and the photography) on the two most important people: Tye and Sam. This worked out great for me. It allowed me to spend more time with the couple than I usually do. I was able to push beyond the boundaries usually imposed by tight time restrictions to take greater advantage of my surroundings. From a lollipop ring exchange to a shot I will affectionately refer to as “the Squirrel Whisperer”, the wedding photography we were able to capture that day is as fun, unique, and amazing as the couple who is in it.

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