Todd and Rachel’s Wedding at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA

I really enjoy working with a couple who are themselves in the creative field. They really have a deep appreciation for what it takes to get some truly awe inspiring wedding photography. Take, for instance, Todd and Rachel. Rachel being a videographer understood not only what it means to get the shot, but was willing to do whatever it took to get the wedding photography she had hoped for. Equally committed was her groom, Todd. I could not have been more thankful to be working with a couple as committed and enthusiastic about the photography. Especially after the skies opened up right after their outdoor Glen Magna Farms ceremony. Any other couple would have been more than reluctant to brave wind and rain in their wedding attire. But not these two. No force of nature was going to prevent them from taking full advantage of all the beauty this unique wedding venue has to offer. Their reward for such resolve are some incredible wedding photos they will have to cherish for many, many years to come.

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