Steve and Bridget’s Omni Parker House Wedding in Boston, MA

Traditionally, November in New England tends to be a slow month for weddings. This year, however, November is just as busy for me as any other month in autumn. I have never been one to complain about being busy, so it suits me just fine. With that being said, shooting in November does present new challenges for both my creativity and skill set. Aside from the obvious drop in temperatures during this month, something that may contribute to fewer weddings being booked in November is the dramatic shift in available light. This is a huge deal in the Northeast region of the country. Speak to anyone who lives here during this part of the year, and inevitably the conversation will include their disgust with the lack of sunlight. As a wedding photographer, my aggravation is exacerbated by the fact that in order to create a photograph one must have light. With the sun setting as early as 4:30 pm these days, I find that I am being challenged to capture beautiful quality images that my November clients deserve just as much as anyone else. Take for instance Steve and Bridget’s wedding at the Omni Parker House in Boston, MA. Having a formal evening wedding, there was little opportunity to take advantage of the day light before it had already set. But Steve and Bridget had their hearts set on taking advantage of the incredible scenery of this historic section of the city, and I was not about to let them down. Luckily, I have made it a habit to always come prepared for this type of scenario. So with a little extra artificial light and some equipment designed for low light situations, we were able to capture the iconic Boston wedding photography this creative couple had hoped for.

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