Ryan and Kristiana’s Wedding at Saphire Estate in Sharon, MA

Being a wedding photographer requires a great deal of flexibility. It is your job to fully document a couple’s wedding day, no matter what unexpected events occur. It is common to have several hiccups throughout a wedding, and as the photographer you have to be prepared and adaptable. On the day of Ryan and Kristiana’s wedding, with so many dear friends and family taking part in the day, getting ready proved to take a bit longer than they had expected. This was understandably stressful for the bride, and it was my job to reassure her that everything would be fine and there would be plenty of time to get all of the photography. But it is not enough to promise it. You have to make it happen. Fortunately, Ryan and Kristiana spent a lot of time beforehand communicating there expectations and where they wanted to do the photography. We ended up having more time than we needed thanks to their impeccable planning. It also helped to be at the amazing Saphire Estate where the incredible and professional staff make sure everything goes off without a hitch. The results are some truly stunning wedding photography this beautiful couple can enjoy for their many years to come.

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