Pete and Ashley’s Cape Cod Wedding in Dennis Port, MA

Working as a full time wedding photographer in the year of 2020 has presented many new challenges one could have never imagined before. The most difficult for me has been adjusting to a year mostly without weddings. There is such joy and excitement working in this field, and it honestly never gets old. I guess if there is one downside to having tremendous job satisfaction is how much you miss it when a year like this comes along. Most of my 2020 clients had to reschedule their painstakingly planned celebrations for much later than they imagined. Many of them had to do so twice. Pete and Ashley were among the first on my calendar for the season, and therefore among the first to reach out about needing to reschedule. Ultimately, though, Pete and Ashley were determined to be married this year, whatever hurdles they would have to face or precautions they would have to take. I remain in awe of Ashley’s steely resolve in making this 2020 wedding happen. She was able to plan a beautiful and intimate Cape Cod wedding in record breaking time, while keeping to the tight limitations imposed on group gatherings. No one could have been more excited to participate in the day than I, well except for maybe Pete and Ashley I suppose. It was the much needed retreat back to the way things were if even for this one day, and a happy reminder of how things were and will soon be again.