Patrick and Gabriella’s Wedding at Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA

I first met Gabriella over the holidays when she called to inquire about my availability for her wedding. I could tell immediately we were kindred spirits and was more than thrilled when I was available to photograph her special day. Though we had not met in person before I shot her and Patrick’s engagement photography at Christopher Columbus Park in the heart of Boston, by the time their session rolled around I felt like we were already close friends. I was very excited to find out that Patrick was cut from the same amazing fabric as his then fiancée. We had so much fun running up and down the harbor walk that I found myself on the other side of the water as my car well after sunset. That is how you know you are doing a job that you love and are working with clients you adore…when you can simply lose all sense of space and time photographing them. Their wedding was much like that hilarious day in Boston, only at a different location. This time we got to take full advantage of the gorgeous scenery and views of the Hyatt Regency on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, and the awe inspiring architecture of the Boston Basilica. It was another beautiful day with this beautiful couple who will always remain close to my heart.