Pat and Katia’s Beauport Hotel Wedding in Gloucester, MA

As a wedding photographer, I am one hundred percent certain that I have the greatest job in the world. What makes this job immensely enjoyable is when I have the opportunity to work with a couple that I truly enjoy. I believe there are three things in life that you should always make sure to find your perfect match. The first is the person who styles and cuts your hair, for obvious reasons. The second is your spouse/life partner. The third is your wedding photographer. When it comes to the couple-photographer match made in heaven, I can not think of a greater example for me than Pat and Katia. These two are incredible people who make an even more incredible couple. They were cheerful throughout their wedding day, always happy and laughing no matter what the circumstances. Even with a weather forecast of rain, all Pat and Katia saw was the silver lining. Because of the impending storm, we had the entire beach at the Beauport Hotel all to ourselves. This allowed me to get some amazing shots of the bridal party, and the creative images of the couple without hundreds of beachgoers littering the background. Who would have thought we would have had such good fortune on a Gloucester beach in the heart of June?