Matt and Maria’s Wedding at the Villa in East Bridgewater, MA

After a week of unrelenting rain and a forecast threatening more, no one could have been more pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous day for Matt and Maria’s wedding than I was. Well, no one other than Matt and Maria that is. From their early morning getting ready all the way through to the reception, it was a beautiful day with amazing blue skies, billowy white clouds, and a breathtaking sunset that would inspire even the most seasoned wedding photographer. I cannot imagine a better place to have a wedding on a day like this than the Villa at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater, where the wide open landscape gave me the perfect canvas to create some amazing wedding photography for this wonderful couple. Thanks to the friendly, devoted, and professional staff here, nothing was going to stand in our way to get the shots Matt and Maria had hoped for. The results are some dramatic photojournalistic style and creative wedding photography that Matt and Maria will have to remember their special day.

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