Fun Rain Wedding at the Boston Marriott Wedding Cambridge, MA

After photographing weddings in New England for over the past 15 years, I have seen more than a few weddings suffer the consequences of an unpredictable climate. And while the couple, especially the bride, is well within reason to be upset over these unforeseen circumstances, sometimes I am the one with the overly emotional response. Take, for instance, Michael and Maureen’s Boston Marriott wedding. Anyone from the Boston area knows that the best view of the city is from across the Charles River in Cambridge, and that’s exactly where we were. Add in the advantages of working with an awesome and enthusiastic couple like these two, and you have the recipe for some magical photography. Now enters the bane of every New Englanders existence…the weather. Not only was it raining, I mean REALLY raining, but it was also cold. Who could prepare for this at the end of June? Needless to say, I was not a happy photographer. Michael and Maureen, on the other hand, were completely undeterred in getting the wedding photography they had planned for. In tux and wedding dress, they braved the elements and made the trip in wind and rain to Memorial Drive where we captured some really incredible images of their wedding day.

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