Fun Jewish Wedding at the Bostonian

This job is a lot easier when you genuinely enjoy working with the people you’re photographing. Ari and Jill are that couple. They wanted to do a lot of fun and creative photography. Which is what I enjoy most about the work I do. We had some amazing light to work with the whole day. The Bostonian is one of the few venues that while being in Boston you have access to so many different locations to work with. We chose to do the photography at Christopher Columbus. It seems that anyway you turn the camera you are likely to get a good shot. It was very easy to see  throughout the day how much they truly enjoy being around each other and how much fun they have. We tried to incorporate this into the photography as much as we could. I always enjoy photographing A Jewish wedding. There are so many interesting traditions from the breaking of the glass, to the hora and even the signing of the Ketubah. You can always find something interesting and fun to photograph. The rest of the evening was filled with a lot of dancing and an amazing time had by everyone who was there.