Anthony and Erin’s Wedding at Danversport in Danvers, MA

Predictability can be a wedding photographer’s best friend, but it can also be a worst enemy. When you move at the speed of a wedding, it is nice to know your environment like the back of your hand. You know where to get the best shots at the right time of day. You can rely on a sort of autopilot to make sure you get all the images that a couple has hired you for without skipping a beat. With that being said, as a photographer you want to be creative, to push the limits of your imagination. That can be difficult if you are too familiar in the environment where you shoot. With that being said, photographing Anthony and Erin’s Danversport wedding was like having the best of both worlds. Having worked at the incredible Danversport many time over the years, I don’t have to worry about logistics like where to go to get the best shot. And much to my surprise, after a very busy winter renovating the decor, it was like walking into a brand new space. This really got my creative juices flowing. Adding to that, Anthony and Erin were the ideal couple to photograph on their wedding day. There wasn’t anything these two weren’t willing to try. There are not many brides who would find a good enough reason to lay out on the ground in their pristine, white wedding dress. As far as Erin was concerned, she couldn’t find a good enough reason not to. The results are a collection of inspired images to commemorate Anthony and Erin’s truly special day.


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