Al and Monica’s Wedding at Cruiseport Gloucester

A December day in Gloucester, MA is anything but predictable. A December wedding in Gloucester, MA is taking one giant leap of faith. And what better metaphor for marriage than that? What is marriage other than a giant leap of faith? Just like planning a wedding, you can do everything in your power to achieve perfection in marriage, but it’s just not possible to avoid the occasional storm front that every couple must face. All anyone tying the knot can hope for is that the good weather outweighs the bad, and that after a bit of a chill you have beautiful sunsets to look forward to at the end of the day. Al and Monica took their giant leap of faith and had their December wedding in Gloucester, MA at the gorgeous Cruiseport Gloucester. If the rest of their marriage is anything like their wedding day, they have many years of happily ever after to look forward to and some really unique wedding photography to remember where it all began.



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