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Bradley and Tara’s Wood Acres Farm Wedding in Terryville, CT

Nothing gets my creative wedding photographer juices flowing better than shooting in a new location. That is why I was thrilled at the opportunity to photography Bradley and Tara’s Wood Acres Farm Wedding in Terryville, CT. Not only are Bradley and Tara a super cool and fun couple, but their venue was just as super cool and fun as they are. Wood Acres Farm is a beautifully rustic venue with all the natural elements one could want for an intimate, outdoor wedding. It is quaint, yet the grounds are sprawling. I have yet to see a location do horse-drawn carriages as well as they do, and they have the barn themed reception down to a fine art. What makes this place even better is the incredible staff they have working there, which made my job capturing Bradley and Tara’s wedding photography easy and enjoyable. All-in-all, it was the perfect place and perfect couple to get some beautiful shots of this incredible rustic wedding.


Andrew and Tori’s Andover Country Club Wedding

I am always looking for inspiration in every environment where I shoot in order to make each wedding unique. There are some weddings, like Andres and Tori’s Andover Country Club wedding, where the inspiration comes effortlessly. Andrew being an alum of Salem State University and a former pitcher for their baseball team, this fun loving and enthusiastic couple had already secured the campus baseball field for their wedding photography. The images we were able to capture are creative and unique, as well as  completely significant to this couple’s love story. Not only was Andrew a dedicated baseball player, but baseball turned out to be the way this couple came to be. Tori’s brother was one of Andrew’s teammate and her dad had asked him to take Tori out when he came to the games. They did, and the rest is history. Therefore, the following images are both Andrew and Tori’s wedding photos as well as an illustration of their unique story. I hope Andrew and Tori enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.




Tyler and Jillian’s Colony Hotel Wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine

There is no greater compliment a wedding photographer can receive than when a couple refers you to their friends and family. When a client is willing to send their loved ones to me for something as important as their wedding photography, it tells me that they not only value the images I captured but also enjoyed the experience. So when Tyler and Jillian contacted me to shoot their wedding, I was really excited that I was available. I had photographed Jillian’s brother’s wedding a couple of years ago. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know and work with this family, and clearly they felt the same. Tyler and Jillian had chosen the Colony Hotel in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine for their wedding. The hotel’s seaside location made for a beautiful backdrop to their outdoor ceremony, which was evenly lit by an overcast sky. We were able to take advantage of a variety of settings, from the sandy beach just steps from the hotel to the pristine courtyard overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Both Tyler and Jillian were amazing to work with, and enthusiastic about capturing some creative images throughout the day. Even when I put Jillian on a bicycle in her wedding dress with Tyler at the handle bar, who turned out not to know how to ride a bike, they were willing to try. We did opt to keep the kickstand down though to avoid any accidents. The payoff is the fun and unique wedding photography we captured commemorating Tyler and Jillian’s special day.



Ian and Jonida wedding at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens

There are few brides I have photographed in my 18 year career who were truly nicer than Jonida. Ian is a very lucky man. They both wanted to do a lot of fun creative photography and there are few better places that lend itself to pictures other than Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston. The grounds are so meticulously maintained it is hard to find a bad spot to shoot. We even timed the day in such a way that we got an amazing sunset as well as a full moon. You know your are in for a great day when you are photographing an Albanian wedding. They were so much fun to work with.


Trevor and Kristen’s Gibbett Hill Wedding

When I woke up early Saturday morning to rain and with the forecast not looking great, I didn’t think we would have a chance to get outside to take advantage of the amazing landscapes that Gibbett Hill has to offer. I was wrong. We had everything from hovering ominous looking clouds to a rainbow. The cows even decided to pay us a visit. Trevor and Kristen assembled just a fun group of family and friends. Everyone was laughing and having such a great time, it made our jobs very easy. They wanted combination of fun portraits and a photojournalist approach to the photography, which is my favorite way to shoot.