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Fall Wedding Dell Lea Chinchester

It would have been very easy for Ryan and Lorena to simply cancel their wedding due to Covid, and everyone would have completely understood. But they were not going to let anything get in the way of them sharing there special day with their friends and family. Even though they had to narrow down their guest list, they were left with only their closest friends and family.  It was evident by the emotion and love that those who were there truly wanted to part of the wedding. Having shot Ryan’s sister’s wedding, I knew we were in for a good day. They didn’t disappoint. From the getting ready shots, straight through to the last dance everyone was smiling and laughing the whole day through. It made our jobs very easy.

I have shot well over 1000 weddings in my life but have never been to Dell-Lea’s in Chichester, NH. It really lends itself amazingly to photography. Every direction you turn my camera there is an amazing background to work with. Whether it be the rustic porch and reception hall or the wide-open fields with the big blue skies, you simply can’t go wrong. We even had an amazing sunset to work with. This job is a whole lot easier when you genuinely like the people you’re photographing. I truly believe it shows in the photography.


Pete and Ashley’s Cape Cod Wedding in Dennis Port, MA

Working as a full time wedding photographer in the year of 2020 has presented many new challenges one could have never imagined before. The most difficult for me has been adjusting to a year mostly without weddings. There is such joy and excitement working in this field, and it honestly never gets old. I guess if there is one downside to having tremendous job satisfaction is how much you miss it when a year like this comes along. Most of my 2020 clients had to reschedule their painstakingly planned celebrations for much later than they imagined. Many of them had to do so twice. Pete and Ashley were among the first on my calendar for the season, and therefore among the first to reach out about needing to reschedule. Ultimately, though, Pete and Ashley were determined to be married this year, whatever hurdles they would have to face or precautions they would have to take. I remain in awe of Ashley’s steely resolve in making this 2020 wedding happen. She was able to plan a beautiful and intimate Cape Cod wedding in record breaking time, while keeping to the tight limitations imposed on group gatherings. No one could have been more excited to participate in the day than I, well except for maybe Pete and Ashley I suppose. It was the much needed retreat back to the way things were if even for this one day, and a happy reminder of how things were and will soon be again.

Ryan and Jamie fall wedding Brookside Golf Club

Having to plan a wedding can be a difficult process at times. To have to do it two times can be a bit overwhelming. Ryan and Jamie could have chosen to elope and nobody would blame them. It was clear they wanted to have their closest family and friends with them to share in the day. I am so glad they did. Ryan spent his whole life on the Cape and has been around the water his whole life. It was nice to be able to incorporate that in some of the photography. I have shot well over 1500 weddings and I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever done a first look with a T Rex. This gives you a good idea of what type a couple they are and how much fun they like to have. What better place to host the event but the Brookside golf club. Despite a little wind we were able to get a lot of amazing photographs. Everything came together from the getting ready shots to the last dance. You can see they genuinely enjoy being around each other. I think the photography certainly reflects this.


Fun fall wedding at Avenir in Walpole

I knew we were gong to be in for a great day, having shot the brides cousin’s wedding. They did not disappoint. It was the perfect day for the perfect wedding.I really enjoy working with a couple who know what they want and can easily communicate their expectations. This was Anthony and Nichole. They not only had a very clear vision for their wedding photography, but they were one hundred percent in agreement with each other. Working with these two took all of the guess work and anxiety out of the day, which left me plenty of opportunities to take their vision and run with it. As far as locations go, I couldn’t have asked for better to capture the fall in New England images they had wanted for their wedding. We started the day at their home and a hotel both bride and groom getting ready. From there, we traveled Francis William Bird Park. Though I have shot in Walpole many times, this was my first time at there. I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to this place. It is gorgeous. After getting some really beautiful formals of them, their families, and bridal party. We headed to Blessed Sacrament Church to exchanged vows against a backdrop of the awe inspiring. Afterwards we all celebrated in style and elegance thanks to the excellent and experienced staff at the Avenir. They have done a phenomenal job renovating the space with such class and elegance. Everything came together from the getting ready straight through to the last dance. It was the perfect compliment of photojournalistic and traditional wedding photography.


Great John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Wedding Boston

The JFK Museum in South Boston is one of the premier venues to host a wedding. There is some of the best views of the Boston skyline, great lighting and amazing architecture to work with. Although the winds picked up off the water we were all happy that the rains from hurricane Dorian didn’t wash out the day. Everything seem to pass just in time to allow for us to get some amazing sunset shots. We started doing some getting ready shots early in the day to allow us enough time to get back and enjoy the cocktail hour. Emily and the bridesmaids were not going to let a little wind get in the way of doing some photography outside. Having done their engagement shoot I knew they wanted to wanted to do some fun shots along with intimate moments. The ceremony took place in a gorgeous room looking over the city. A Jewish wedding has so many fun and interesting customs, from the signing of the ketuba, breaking of the glass and a hora. The rest of the evening was filled with sentimental and funny toast, great food and a packed dance floor. It seems you always get a great vibe with a band. Everyone was having such a great time it made our jobs very easy.